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For Healthy Books

  1. Have a book properly restored before it gets worse.
  2. Keep books out of extreme elements (concentrated lighting, direct sunlight, high heat, smoky areas).
  3. Store books in environmentally controlled areas.
  4. Store tall and large books or books with flexible covers by laying them flat rather than standing.
  5. Do not store books in plastic, brown paper, or newspaper.
  6. Clean leather books periodically with a slightly damp, soft cloth. No other treatment is needed if book is still functional.
  7. Wrap a book in a towel then place in plastic bag, squeezing out the air, if bugs/insects, active molds, or mildew are noticed—or if book is wet. Place in the freezer, preferably a deep freeze.
  8. Avoid using books for storage of things like newspaper clippings, pressed flowers, keepsakes, etc.
  9. Take a book from a shelf by pushing back the neighboring books and gripping the book at the spine. Pick up a book with both covers closed or supported. Avoid taking hold of any book at the top of the spine.
  10. Avoid placing Bibles or study books in the side pockets of carrying cases with handles. And, don't carry the books using the handles. Best to carry in arms providing support to book and especially the spine.
  11. Avoid home repairs on books, such as use of cellophane, duct tape, or masking tape on tears or to repair covers; as well as glue in spine or on covers or painting soiled areas. Consult a qualified bookbinder. If unsure about a binder being qualified, ask to see samples of their work and/or obtain references.


Guild of Book Workers

The Guild of Book Workers is a national organization, with 10 Chapters in areas such as New England, New York, the Delaware Valley, Washington D.C., the Midwest, California, the Rocky Mountains, Texas, the Northwest and the Southeast representing the hand book and paper crafts. Membership is open to all interested persons. For general information go to the Web site, and for membership information, write to the Membership Chairman, Guild of Book Workers, 521 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10175, or also use the site's link to "Membership".


The Lone Star Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers generally encompasses the state of Texas, but invites all Guild members near and far from Texas to be a part of this Chapter.


Kaligrafos, The Dallas Calligraphy Society

This calligraphy organization was organized in February of 1980. Meetings are held on the 2nd Saturdays of 9 months of the year and include educational programs. Workshops and special seminars are offered frequently.


The Miniature Books Society (MBS)

This Society is a non-profit organization founded in 1983 in the United States which now enjoys worldwide membership. It sustains an interest in all phases of miniature books and is a clearing house for information through its journal and the MBS Newsletter. The MBS is interested in promoting all aspects of the book arts with special affection for the small format.


The Society of Bookbinders, United Kingdom

The Society of Bookbinders is an educational charity dedicated to traditional and contemporary bookbinding and to the preservation and conservation of the printed and written word. The Society is organized into 8 regions in the UK plus an overseas group.



For questions about any of the listings here, feel free to contact Catherine. Books 'n Letters Studio places group orders with many vendors and passes the savings on shipping and quantity discounts to students.

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