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Bookbinding Instruction

Catherine Burkhard, Instructor

Catherine, a Dallas, Texas resident for most of her life, has been involved in various arts and crafts groups, bookbinding and calligraphy study groups, and exhibitions. She has studied with many noted calligraphers and bookbinders, the latter including Dorothy Westapher, Dallas, TX; Raoul Bollin, in Central Texas; Monique Lallier, Greensboro, NC; and completed an internship at the former Etherington Conservation Center, Greensboro, NC.

Catherine is a charter member of Dallas calligraphy organization, and of the Lone Star Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers. She just completed 15 years as Secretary on the Guild’s Board of Directors, and currently serves as Secretary/Treasurer of its Lone Star Chapter.

Catherine frequently offers bookbinding classes and workshops. For more information, call 214.363.7946 or email bookltrs@att.net.

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