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Calligraphy comes from "kalligraphos" -- which means "beautiful writing". Catherine's journey in hand lettering began as a child learning lettering forms in elementary school using Speedball nibs and India ink. She fell in love with doing hand lettering and was always on call for making posters and signs. In the mind 1970s she began formal training has done calligraphy professionally in the years since. She continues to take opportunities to further her education and skills in the field.
A letterform based on an alphabet designed by Frederich Neugebauer became the alphabet used in this accordian-folded book, done in gouache. The verses of "Texas, Our Texas" were enhanced with collage and Texas commemorative postage stamps. The covers were done with navy blue leather with braided red-white-blue ties.
Hand-lettered names on a goat skin for a youth camp.
Memento book for 25th anniversary of "Kaligrafos, The Dallas Calligraphy Society- cover in silver and black leathers. 
Catherine's page in the calligraphy group's memento book. 

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